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What is the Zentangle Method Anyway

The Zentangle Method is an easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It is a way to relax and feel good that results in beautiful art. It enables you to relax, change your perspective, and focus your attention.

Zentangle can also:

  • improve your creativity
  • improve teamwork
  • build your confidence
  • be brought with you in a pocket or purse
  • be simple and or elaborate
  • be done by anyone at any age with any skill level

Whether you have artistic experience or none, this practice puts the finest paper and pens in your hands – tools worthy of creating beautiful images with patterns inspired by life – while ultimately providing a way to reduce stress and increase joy.

I discovered the Zentangle Method while surfing the internet. I came across an art piece that intrigued me and I tried to reproduce it. I got so much enjoyment from drawing the structured patterns that I did some research about the method. I eventually became a Certified Zentangle Teacher. Zentangle gave me the encouragement to try other art forms. Now I use the Zentangle Method in 3 ways.

  1. I use the Zentangle Method to warm up. The Zentangle Method gives me an opportunity to shift gears. I conscientiously make the effort to stop thinking about my everyday life and focus on creating.
  2. Problem Solving While I focus my attention on creating patterns (tangles) I am able to free my mind to look at any particular problem from a fresh perspective. I often end my Zentangle with a battle plan for an issue in my real life. It helps me to step back and see the whole picture.
  3. Meditation -Mindfulness Part of being able to draw anything is being able to unsee what my brain tells me  I am seeing and see shapes and shadows instead. By being able to narrow my focus on a very small part of my art project I  am able to produce what I am envisioning thus producing what I want to create. 


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